Eco-Friendly income-generating activities

KENVO has initiated a number of income-generating activities around the forest including bee-keeping and community tree nurseries. At a micro-scale, KENVO has also established an apiculture farming system at one of the project sites. KENVO is presently working with more than 3,000 thousand farmers through their committees. Together with some KENVO members, local farmers have been trained on bee-keeping methods. At Kereita forest only KENVO has more than 180 beehives. One of KENVO’s recent projects includes developing its own water bottle company called Forest Mist.

These activities include:

Forest Mist Water Bottling Company

Project Description

Forest Mist, a product of Kijabe Environment Volunteers (KENVO) Limited is a Water Bottling Company located in Kereita Forest Station. It is an indigenous Company which started its operations in December 2014 with an objective of being an efficient provider of quality water to the entire consumer market contributing to economic development in Lari Sub County and Kenya at large which is strategically located at the central highlands of Aberdare forest thus sourcing its raw water from the natural springs of Kereita forest. It is naturally purified and processed using state of art technology on multistep filtration and UV System to provide pure, clear and clean drinking water.

Since the company begun its operational it has created employment to at least ten youths who work as casuals and full time employees. This helps to educate the local community that they can earn a living from the forest without destroying the ecosystem.

Because of the assured availability of raw water throughout the season together with the good climatic conditions in this area the company is able to supply to their customers with ever fresh natural and hygienically packed product. The company is famous for its fresh range of products that includes; Forest Mist Water packed in 20 litres, 10 litres, 5 litres, 1 litre, 500 ml and 300 ml. We also customize water for special events and occasions upon requested.

The Company ensures it has quality products and services that puts it in the competitive edge in the market since we know quality is the backbone of every organization’s success.

Forest Mist has met all legal requirements and certified by Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBs) and Ministry of Public Health as highly satisfactory for human consumption. It is rated by the customers as one of the purest drinking water in the country.

By buying forest, you will contribute to the conservation of Kenyan forests and livelihood improvement for local community. A certain percentage of what we gets from the sale of this product is pumped towards rehabilitation of rivers and supporting community groups contributing to the protection of the forests.

Bee keeping

Project Description


Bee keeping is one of the IGAS undertaken by KENVO, the purpose to introduce

  • Required small area and capital
  • Gender neutral activity
  • To reduce pressure in forest destruction
  • To enhance pollination
  • To promote sustainable land management practices


  • Training on bee keeping
  • Partnership establishment
  • Participate in field days and national exhibitions
  • Working with schools on bee keeping programs
  • Farmers exchange and inter county visits
  • Honey harvesting& packaging
  • Hives fabrication and installation


  • Increased bee keeping CIG membership
  • Penetration to market with best selling products
  • Improved livelihood of community
  • Community adoption of sustainable land management practices( working with around 500 farmers within the county)
  • Local and inter county exchange visits
  • Increased partnerships and networking