Schools Outreach Programme

Kijabe Environment volunteer KENVO school outreach program concentrate more on training schools environmental clubs members on matters pertaining environmental conservation in Lari sub-county in Kiambu County. In our program we deals with 67 both primary and highs schools in the sub –county .we also have two schools in Limuru sub-county. Under this program we also have pastoral care of creation committee where we train church pastors on how they can in co-oporate environmental conservation  message to the congregation using the quotes from the Bible.we have 50 different churches in the sub-county where we involve pastor.

KENVO works with local schools in Lari Division to catalyse environmental conservation activities within schools. This includes activities such as training students on basic bird-watching skills, assisting in the establishment and management of tree nurseries, guided nature and forest walks, park visits and hikes in the forest among many others.


  • Training on tree nursery establishments and management
  • Organize field visit to Gatamaiyu forest where the pupils and student learn about: Primary school, Interdependence, food storage in plants, plants parts. High school: classification, forestry, interdependency, river Profile (features found on upper course of the river) and tourism.
  • Establishment of botanical garden in their school compound (planting trees, creating paths, labeling of different trees and paths in the garden).
  • Training on waste management (composting Making of paper mache -sculptures, new book from recycled paper.
  • Woodlot establishment in the school compound.
  • Training on Agro-forestry
  • Training on farming the Gods way (Zero-tillage method).
  • Bird-watching and tree identification in their school compound
  • Partnership with elsamere field center in Naivasha where schools in Lari sub-county go to learn about environmental conservation.
  • Supply trees to different churches in the Sub-county.
  • Organize international days cerebrations for schools eg Birds migratory day and world environmental day